a ride on the 1973 S3800

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Re: a ride on the 1973 S3800

thanks... this thing fell in my lap and now i am bit... time to play in the moped world... Game On..!! lol... XD

Re: a ride on the 1973 S3800

Cool vid, very nice Solex.

Re: a ride on the 1973 S3800

Brian, I am running my oil mixture as the manual i got with it states.. 25:1

i have been chatting with Scott P. and he said i should be running a different mixture. I use Klotz R50 for oil because i buy it by the case to run in my dirt bikes. It seems to burn well. I have little to no smoke out the pipe and have yet to foul a plug.. it doesn't load up at a stop , idle, and i have also put a cap full of Marvel Mystery Oil in each tank i have run through it. total of two tanks so far. i just filled up for the third time. what do you suggest?

Re: a ride on the 1973 S3800

You'll read and hear all kinds of oil recommendations and mixture ratios, so you'll have to experiment and decide for yourself what is best for your Solex.

The fuel and mixture ratio info in the manuals is generally outdated, since the modern oils and gasolines are different from those that were around in the past, but I would not say that the information is incorrect.

I personally use Lucas semi-synthetic smokeless, low-ash two-cycle engine oil, mixed at 40:1 for my older bikes ('60s & early '70s), 30:1 for my oldy (1940s), and 50:1 for my less old bikes (late '70s)...never a problem, but everyone that will give you their opinion will say the same thing.

Amsoil works very well, too.

And never a problem with the major name brands...Valvoline, Castrol, Pennzoil, etc.

Some info/opinions here:


Re: a ride on the 1973 S3800

ooops, i stand corrected.... Klotz r50 is Synthetic....im gonna try to lean her out to 32:1 / 40:1 she may have a better low and mid range.

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