Boston area noob.

Justin Valliere /

Hey guys, new to the moped scene and in the Boston area.

A friend of mine who rides vintage scoots sold me a Puch Maxi on the cheap he had lying around. He told me to take it to the KHz shop in Allston; they moved last month.

I ordered a carb and air filter (moped was missing carb and ht coil] and my friend pulled off and decoked top end, changed gearbox oil.

I honestly have no experience with any of this and I really want to get this thing running so I don't have to ride my bike everywhere. Is there any garages in the Boston area that I could bring it to? I really want to be able to do some work and learn to fix my ride up.

My friend mentioned a guy Ryan who used to run a shop across from their scooter shop on Brainerd St in Allston; last he heard they moved when the shops closed down.



Re: Boston area noob.

Jump on our Facebook group "NortheastMopeds".

Re: Boston area noob.

Jeff Woodin /

I'm still semi-noob myself but have learned a lot in a short time and also have a bunch of years working on cars before getting into mopeds. I'd be happy to work on the bike with you, especially if you could get it out to my house in Bedford, but we could also look at maybe when I get out of work (Charlestown).

Re: Boston area noob.

i'm curious as well, would love to find a local tuner. i also need a hand getting this to fit :D

Re: Boston area noob.

thats a a35 pipe, flange angle is different than a a55

Re: Boston area noob.

yeah, read it's about a 25* difference. hoping i can just heat it up and bend the pipe to fit.

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