a35/a55 Tomos, what the hell is the difference?

Joseph Red Beard /

Long as I've been looking around on 77 and Treats, i find a lot of parts between the a35 and a55 engine that are totally compatable, bolt pattern and everything, does anyone know if the kits they sell are equals? Or maybe if Puch performance kits work with the a55 engines? Now that i've acquired one, i desire to see how fast i can make it....

Re: a35/a55 Tomos, what the hell is the difference?

a35 has reeds at intake, a55 uses ports. I have an a35 but didn't know how to id it at the time I ordered a new pipe. There was a significant difference in the angle of the flange. It would have required a bit of work to fit and it cost nearly $200. I reordered the correct one.

I suspect there are other differences that aren't immediately noticeable. Save yourself headaches and order only for your bike.


Re: a35/a55 Tomos, what the hell is the difference?

i've got an 2001 targa a35 and a2010 st, the frames look the same but the carbs are different the airbox on the a35 allows more airflow.

i ordered a biturbo for the a55 it fell apart after a week of commuting 10 miles round trip to work. I was pissed off so i ordered a technigas but the biturbo replacement parts came in the mail before i got the technigas i put it back together and was pretty happy with how it ran. the technigas came in the mail and i just hung onto it and figured i would put it on this spring.\

Spring came around and the damn technigas didn't fit . it was nowhere close.

i eneded up coming across a steal of a deal on the targa and bought it well it turns out the technigas was meant for the a35 not the a55. it's pretty sweet how it worked out and believe it or not the a35 is faster than the a55.

Re: a35/a55 Tomos, what the hell is the difference?


a35 - cast-iron cylinder


smaller ports

better ignition

full-circle crank

exhaust port horizontal with the ground


a55 - aluminum cylinder

piston port which can be ported to go 50mph+

large port crank cases (awesome!!!)

external trigger ignition (sucks)

Half-circle off-balance prone-to-seize-con-rod-bearing crank which sucks

exhaust port at a weird angle that makes no sense.

Re: a35/a55 Tomos, what the hell is the difference?

classic carl jepsen /

a55 come with circle cranks and needle bearing'd connecting rods. a55 cranks are stuffed differently

a55 ignition shuts off at 10500 rpm and has the timing locked. So as long as you don't plan to go 55mph+ with it, its great

the a55 exhaust angle is supposed to make it more compatible with puch cylinders (edited)

Re: a35/a55 Tomos, what the hell is the difference?

Saunders BluntFace.. /

Or you can do like me and combine the best of both worlds.... duh!

I have mine setup with a55 bottom end,a35 topend,a3 clutchs,a35 ignition and have a beast for a ride.


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