e50 first build

just got an e50, maxi and got a dmp 70cc kit does any one know if i have to buy a larger head for it


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Youll need a bigger carb, intake, a preformance pipe. and upjet. your head should be fine. make sure them gaskets be new and port match everything.

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high comp heads are cheap and a good acceleration upgrade... I say why not.

not "necessary" but well worth it

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God help you. Read the wiki.


^ I take that back. Screw god, he can't help you. Go to a higher power. Try Wayne's thread on squish bands.

A) See if your piston hits the 50cc head. If it does, re squish.

B) Buy a new head. (hi his require re squishing anyways for hi rpm)

C) Run the old 50cc head and create terrible things. Oh, sure it'll run. But will it reach its potential? NO. (re squish!) (edited)

Re: e50 first build

Overpriced Parts /

Low 16-17 degrees btdc timing is needed for a kit

Stock timing will seize your kit

Get a head temp gauge so you can back off before 400 degrees seize territory

Give a long break in too

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Hey Roff, that's in the wiki article. You commented on my early blunders a while back and I took them to whatever exists of my cold, shriveled heart. Figured you might like to know that someone actually listened to what you said and wrote it down somewhere.

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Overpriced Parts /

Believe it or not I'm sad not happy when people blow up their engines and

I'll do what I can to keep people straight.

True some people just argue ( full advance timing, e50/ za50 flywheels are the same, dremel stator slots is wrong, stock cranks last at 11,000 rpm, 21x36 za50 gearing is lugging it, temp gauge is not needed, break in not needed etc)

And afraid to make changes or just lie and then wonder why boom/not running

I know little about French and other spinny side wheel mopeds so for those I need the wiki too.

I'm happy its there and happy you put info into it.

Re: e50 first build

thats deep shit right there....

Re: e50 first build

hi hi head (cheap so do it) and squish

mess with timing

tune clutch with blue springs and lighten clutch arms.

case match

port out intake and exhaust to match intake and exhaust respectfully

bigger carb & intake (phbg should help you learn how to tune good cause theres so many damn things to adjust)

you can even turn those 4 boost ports at the top of the piston into two oval/rounded rectangles (i think im thinking of the right piston)

low to mid range pipe if you want help with acceleration but clutch tuning may do enough for you to go to hi pipe (i run a proma circuit good low to mid)

gear to 42 in back if hilly 40 if flat with

17 front i think

that should help ya with an idea of a list i hope, still learning this moped stuff but thats my set up

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