Insurance Cost (USA)

Getting my 1992 targa ready-- calling about insurance.

I got quotes between 55$ and 125$ for a full year.

Needless to say, I'm going for the 55$ for a year. What kind of prices is everyone else running into?

Curiously yours,


Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

Here in Michigan we don't need insurance. Where are you located at? Most places here won't even insure it, or will try and make you get motorcycle insurance.

What sort of coverage do they offer you for those prices?


Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

I have liability only from progressive, In Texas. It went up from $55 a year to $62 a year.

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

Maine---This applies to any vehicle registered with the DMV in Maine:

for 55$ my moped will meet the state minimum liability.

Insurance Coverage Required by Law

Maine law requires that you buy liability insurance and uninsured motorists coverage. Effective July 1, 1998, you are also required to buy Medical Payments coverage.

To satisfy the financial responsibility law in Maine, you must buy a minimum of $50,000 for the injury to or death of any one person; $100,000 for one accident resulting in injury to or death of more than one person; and $25,000 for property damage. These amounts are usually shown as $50/100/25, or a combined single limit (for bodily injury and property damage liability) of $125,000 on your insurance policy. You cannot register your vehicle unless you show proof that you have this minimum amount of insurance. There is also a mandatory $1,000 medical payments coverage that is required.

Keep in mind that these minimum amounts may be low for your situation and you may want to buy more coverage. You should base your decision on your wish to protect your assets from additional claims above the minimum amounts. However, remember that as you raise your coverage, your premiums will also increase. The extra cost of higher coverage tends to be relatively low.

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

$78/yr . . liability only - - - -> Rider Insurance, NJ

I was thinking of not renewing it, but for $78 a year , i decided to play by the rules.



Can you imagine what kind of mess one would have to create to take up the "state minimum" on a moped....?

two people killed (50k each) and 25k property damage?

Yeah..... I was in this moped accident... I did 25,000 damage to the bus I ran into, and the two passengers riding on my rear rack were killed......

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

Out here in CA, all I had to do was let my car insurance company know that I had a registered moped. I pay 2 bucks more a month than I was before, so I'm pleased.

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

I get insurance on my old Puch moped in NJ ...

liability -only....costed $78 the first year...filed no claims, and so this year it has dropped to like $ 57

On my Avanti moped, since it's newer, I was able to get extra coverage...costs like $110 for the first year.... covers liability,theft, fire and collision ! pretty cool...don't have to worry about locking it up :)

Kids piling on.

Don't laugh,Wayne!The guy from France that bought my Moby said they use to routinely go down the streets with 4 and 5 kids riding on one.Said they just piled on it wherever they could.LOL!!

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

They (the insurance agant) totally mocked me (and Ree has a similar story) when I mentioned things like "theft, fire, or vandalism"

They insurance agant compared it to getting "full coverage" on a 1980 escort.

I also would like to be able to not worry about theft. I think the general consensus on the other threads about insurance was that "theft and vandalism" would be blanketed by homeowners.

I don't know for sure--- has anyone ever claimed a stolen moped on their homeowners....?

Re: Insurance Cost (Canada)

Liability insurance for me (an experienced driver ) was $130. + 30. medical. Now get this, if I want to include my 18 year old son, it jumps to $ 1150. Can. That's like $ 1680, u.s. So all you teens in the U.S. be thankfull and don't complain.bruce

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

If it's locked in your garage,I'd say homeowners would cover it.You'd think.

Re: Insurance Cost (Canada)

Sorry ,I did the math the wrong way , that's $780. u.s. Still a reason not to complain .bruce

Bring him over here,Bruce!

Hey,Bruce!Come over here and live with us Yankees.If the Can. Gov't loses enough people they may eventually figure it out.LOL!!

Re: Bring him over here,Bruce!

don , You got room for me , the wife , two teens ,two cats and a moped ?bruce

Re: Bring him over here,Bruce!

Sure!Got a house next door with a full basement I'll sell you for a song.My boy's livin' in it right now but I can kick him out alright.He can't pay rent anyway on his Pizza Delivery salary.LOL!!

carefull tho, with insurance

My renter's insurance won't cover any wheeled vehicle no matter how locked up it is. Basicly if you can get annother type of insurance to cover it, they won't.

This is also the same company (USAA) that would only quote me a rate if I let them classify the moped as a sportbike, at around 400 for 6 months. Some places JUST DON'T LIKE 2 WHEELERS. I do have a good rate on my car, so I'm not getting rid of them yet.

Re: Insurance Cost (Canada)

Bruce, I got mine for $75/yr. from Allstate Canada. That's a Starbucks double-latte in the U.S.

Re: Insurance Cost (Canada)

What's the increase for a brand new 18 year old driver added?bruce

Re: Insurance Cost (Canada)

hey bruce, the trick is for you to buy the mope, get liability insurance in your name and tell your agent your kids will be driving it occasionally.

Re: Insurance Cost (Canada)

My car insurance Co. doesn't do mopeds so Ihad to go to a new company. I assume you have your moped and car with the same Co. ,bruce

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

By my posting this message, it should float to the top of the forum. .

neat trick. When I finally get the pics of my installed stereo, I'll float that thread to the top. Maybe tonight---!

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

Brad c cool / moped was stolen from outside my friends house......and my friends homeowners insurance said that my home owners should cover it..........and my home owners insurance said that theres should........and by the time they were gonna figure it all moped was found by the police and i got it back

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

75 beans~2 peds~whole year of riding~WooHoo~went thru progressive

Re: Insurance Cost (Canada)

hey bruce i live in canada my insurance company is lacated in ontario and it cost me 150 per year...i'm 19 years old and it's my first vehicule ...I tink your company is rong cause if you have a son of 18 years old you muste be 40-45 and should pay allot less then 130......

if youi want i'll give you the adress of my insurance company just e-mail me.

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

Who is your insurance company...GEICO in CA wouldn't register mine.

Re: Insurance Cost (USA)

ended up getting mine through Progressive for $75 yr. in Cali

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