Spongy rear break Puch maxi

I have replaced the rear brake shoes and put a new cable on. When adjusted so the wheel spins free, the break lever will pull back to the handlebars. Even when i adjust the cable so the brake is dragging the brake lever still comes back to the handlebars. This also happened before replacing them. Is there any other adjustment i can make? Is this normal for a 1977 Puch Maxi? Any help would be fantastic this is doing my head in. Thanks

Re: Spongy rear break Puch maxi

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Your outer cable has stretched, and is compressing when the lever is pulled. Get new outer cable. Try the linear outer cabling, I hear it's great.


Re: Spongy rear break Puch maxi

Thanks for your help, i think i have solved the problem now. I think it was the adjustment on the top of the cable arm that had siezed. I have greesed it and it looks ok and works at the moment. Thanks again Jez

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