peugeot bearing replacement?

Adrien Pearson /

i have a 1983 103 peuegoet and the bearings are bad. i still use it how it is but the bearings are louder than the exhaust...XD. i have brand new bearings for it. i'm afraid im going to run into trouble when i try to replace them. i can get my hands on a puller also. thanks for any help

Re: peugeot bearing replacement?

So... what do you need help with? someone to turn a wrench with confidence? hahaa i hear ya though. I have to do the same thing.

There's only one way to find out if you can do it or not; so do it, and see. I bet ya can. You'll have to eventually, and already should have. The longer you wait, the more time for things to get torn up.

Re: peugeot bearing replacement?

Change the bearings before one of the cages give out and gives you all sorts of foreign object damage in the cylinder. Be more afraid of running into trouble if you dont replace them

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