I live just south of the University on Thornton Street. A guy came up to my house this morning after I left for work. He was waiting for my little brother as he was coming out the door. He asked how much my (unsecured, stupid i know) moped was and my brother said it wasn't for sale but we have one that is. Showed him the puch in the basement. The guy left a phony number and said he'd be in touch. My little brother left five minutes later and saw him walking away from the house a couple blocks down.

Description of guy: mixed-race, darker skin, black curly hair, 5'10", slightly scraggly.

Description of moped: Black 2006 Tomos Sprint heavily modified. Dual headlight mod, yellow accel spark plug wire, Sapporo beer can for an exhaust baffle, techno circuit exhaust, drag bars, k&n air filter sticking wayyyyy out of a 19mm phbg dellorto carb. a35 engine, grey mag wheels.

does a solid 45 and is loud as hell. you'll probably hear it before you see it.

Re: STOLEN TOMOS Akron, Ohio

Overpriced Parts /


Can you post a picture

Re: STOLEN TOMOS Akron, Ohio

yea man post a pic srry for your loss =(

Re: STOLEN TOMOS Akron, Ohio

I feel bad for the loss of your moped . If you are interested I will be forming a moped gang in Cleveland and you are welcome to join.

When we find the culprit , hell will be paid.

Re: STOLEN TOMOS Akron, Ohio

Always down to hang with pedheads, mike! I have a shop in my basement in akron with a few puchs and bacons floating around. hit me up if you ever want to ride and definitely check out ohpeds' facebook page!

Re: STOLEN TOMOS Akron, Ohio

also i will post a pic as soon as i can. possibly video. i'll have to talk to my friends to see if they have any, i'm not really sure if i do at all.

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