Tomos Targa LX 1999 question...clutch etc

My son just bought a Targa that needs work. (1800 miles)

From the outer clutch, one of the shoes is off, its beat up and theres NO friction material left on it. I wonder if the other two are worn out as well. I guess I should plan on replacing all three shoes in that one right? Is it possible the inner shoes are ok? I suppose one is low and one is high gear, but the A55 is new to me.

Heres another thing....when I grasp the clutch shaft, there seems to be some play, I can wobble it back and forth a bit, but this is with the cover off---there is a bearing in the cover that would hold the end of that shaft and in that way, eliminate the does that sound normal?

Its got a big carb and a biturbo exhaust, it ought to be a neat deal when fixed.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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^ read that!


Its normal, as the shaft is supported in the side cover, when mounted. (edited)

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