Stock wheels powder coated?

I have a new tomos st and wanted to if the wheels that come stock are powder coated or is it just a standard paint job. I ask because I want to get them painted black and a local auto paint shop said they won't paint over a powder coat because it won't bind well. I also don't want to spend the money on a more expensive painting process....just want black wheels and apparently 1977mopeds informed me tomos discontinued the standard 6 star wheels. Bummer.

Re: Stock wheels powder coated?

John Joedicke /

They are powder coated from Tomos. Sandblast them then re-coat.

Re: Stock wheels powder coated?

paint won't last long. stripper don't pull it off (unless you'r real patient and at it with a wire brush and you're OK with ruining your clothing skin and future children.)

gotta sand blast and then paint or better yet sand blast and re coat as mentiond above

Re: Stock wheels powder coated?

You gotta get a strong compressor too, Tomos paint is some hard shit!

Re: Stock wheels powder coated?

home depot stripper brand paint stripper made the paint on my puch snow flakes shrivel up like bacon and fall off real easy

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