Ideas for registering 103 in NY

I bought a 103 non variated with no paperwork only a bill of sale. I then spent a good amount of money converting it to a variated model plus a host of other parts to get it running. Then I went to register it and it was still in the NY dmv system so I couldn't do it. The guy I bought it from acquired it from the garage of a rental property he had just bought. This is where he had me meet him to pick it up because he was renovating the apartments. So then I bought a frame off MA and it shipped from Canada. I just went to register it with a bill of sale wrote from someone I know from North Carolina and I was denied. The dmv said that models pre 1977 did not meet the safety standards and that is why they denied me. My new frame was a 1971.

So I'm looking for some ideas or a vin plate from a 1977 or newer 103. This dam thing was my most pricy project out of the last 10 years. :(

Re: Ideas for registering 103 in NY

Anybody ever stamp a vin from another bike and just swap license plates between the two. I really don't want to ride dirty though. Any ideas guys?

Re: Ideas for registering 103 in NY

OMG the guy ^ is a cop or a insurance dikhead. Don't tell him any secrets.


Re: Ideas for registering 103 in NY

Could I get it registered in an other state and then take that reg to a ny DMV?

Re: Ideas for registering 103 in NY

Larry Picarello /

once the vin is in the NYDMV system, you're sunk. Change the frame and/or the vin and register it the regular way. Pic, MV-51, MV-51B, etc...

Re: Ideas for registering 103 in NY

Yea I guess that's the only way. That's why I bought the other frame. But they said peugeots older than 1977 didn't meet safety standards and could not be registered in NY. The. Funny thing is the first ped I got was found in the trash and it had a plate that was a few years old and they transferred ownership to me. Anyone know how long it takes for the DMV to purge their system in NY?

Re: Ideas for registering 103 in NY

Adrien Pearson /

i had a simular problem. i live in ny also. I got a 1983 103 variated for free and i put in 400 bucks into it to make it sweet. the guy had no paper work. the dmv said i needed a bill of sale and they gave me four other forms to fill ouyt with the guy like saying what was the last time you had papers for it and when was it last registered. and i had to take a pic of the vin plate. i finaly got it registered after all the work. i guess you should look for a newer frame that you can use the vin plate for and write up a fake bill of sale or something. sell the frame you have now to make some money back and buy a newer one.

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