Batavus VA Muffler mystery

So I was riding around and the all of the sudden my bike started coughin and barkin and I looked down to find out the back cone on the end of my muffler had fallen off. SO, pretty much I need a new muffler and I have no clue what will fit on it, Does anyone know any decent reasonably priced mufflers that will fit this bike?

p.s for the time being I made my own muffler out of a large cylindrical can, some chicken wire, and insulation.

Re: Batavus VA Muffler mystery

(Casserollers) Brian /

I have a stock VA pipe up for grabs, if you want I can email you a picture.

Re: Batavus VA Muffler mystery

i wanna see a pic of the homemade pipe

Re: Batavus VA Muffler mystery

Heres some pics of the homemade muffler. Its pretty jank, but it keeps sounds down real good.

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