Moped shooting

I just was thinking about how fun it would be to mount a few tubes on the forks of a moped and use them to launch bottle rockets or roman candle balls at your pals while riding. Kind of like moped fireworks jousting.

Yes, you could catch on fire..but fun has it's price.

I've used 12v igniters before (used for model rocket launches)

and found a bunch of em I never used... They could be run off a switch for remote blasting!

It would be extremely fun to do a similar thing with a paintball setup...

That would be easier and you'd get more shots

I bet it would feel like being a jet fighter...

Now keep in mind, this could be the pcp talking,

But I'm so down to have a moped paintball arena death match.

Anyone interested?

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Re: Moped shooting

do it

Re: Moped shooting

sounds like an awesome after party in the ER! who's bringing th beer?

Re: Moped shooting

Why not do moped jousting?

Re: Moped shooting

Dog fighting >Jousting

Re: Moped shooting

I was just talking to my brother about this kind of thing. Could have a little party popper with a packet of some corn starch or something to shoot back onto a cars behind you when they are riding your tail pipe. then run from the shit storm that would proceed.

Re: Moped shooting

Aww man!!! YOU KNOW I'M IN!!! ROAR!!!

Re: Moped shooting

Worcester this past weekend :

Re: Moped shooting

Exactly! Just on mopeds...

That looks so fun.

Re: Moped shooting

♣Slew Foot♣ /

i always wanted to start a moped polo league.

left hand your throttles, gentlemen.

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