Look to buy. Need suggestions.

Hi all.

I just joined. I'm looking to pick up a moped to commute with. I'm a 200 pound guy and worry about it being able to keep up with the flow of traffic. My wife has a 50cc ruccas and it maxes out at 30 mph, goes up hills at 5-10 mph. I need to keep a little speed up.

What sized engine would suite me? I'm not on highways of course, but suburban secondary roads, but still need to move along at a reasonable speed.



Re: Look to buy. Need suggestions.

Ruckus is a scooter, not a moped. We deal in old stuff with pedals. But, a larger framed guy would do well with a Tomos Revival. With a bit of modification it should be able to hit 45 and still be reliable. The 2 speed transmission is pretty good at lugging up hills as well.

Re: Look to buy. Need suggestions.

Emil Kniemel /

my buddy has a ruckus at maxes out at > 40mph. weird.

Re: Look to buy. Need suggestions.

Yes the ruckus is a scooter, but it's 50cc engine can barely move me up an incline. Are you saying that the same sized engine on a moped would perform differently?

Re: Look to buy. Need suggestions.

Ha, maybe he didn't spell it wrong and it's a Chinese knock-off?

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