Garelli ????

just got this garelli today and cant get enough spark out of it? coils good but no spark out of the test light but shocks the shit out of me... anyways i been on here all day trying to find out what year and make it is? Doesn't have rear shocks? and no vin someone repainted it. but picked it up for 150.

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Don't know what it is, but maybe a bad ground, or plug wire?

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If it's been repainted, check for a good ground between the coil and frame, and between the frame and engine.

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Looks like the early forks like a 76-77. Its the sport model which is a hard tail and was the cheapest in the line up. It has a NOI engine and some sweet aftermarket 7 star mags. I want those rims....

Re: Garelli ????

BERGS . Wrote:


> I want those rims....

i was just thinking that. LOVE those mags.

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Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

Nice score!

Way cool.

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The Reverend Defecator /

Is the seat blue too?? You def got a venerable bike for a decent price. Get rid of that pancake exhaust right away !! Aren't those mags usually gold ? Good luck with the electrical ghosts !!

Re: Garelli ????

Please explain how you are testing for spark because it sounds like you're doing it wrong...

You can't put a test light after the spark plug boot you know....

Sweet bike.


Re: Garelli ????

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