SEARCHING 101 + using google

search for your shit farther back than 30 days... please...

search the performance forum, search the general forum, search them all before you quit

try different words for the same shit

if you cant find what you're looking for, search for it based on the model of the motor instead of the model of the ped

try being specific, try being general


if you include "" in your google search, it searches only

so if i want to know if i should upjet, i type into google "upjet" and i get 293746293476293847293842 results across the whole mopedarmy site.

if google gives you someone's "Show all posts by user" link, then grab the title from the post (in the google description) and then google search for that

this searches ALLLLLLLLLLL of for anything that has the words UPJET or DUMMY or any combination of the two or just one of them if google feels like. dont question THE GOOGLE, they're smart and shit

this searches AALLLLLLLLL of for exactly the phrase "UPJET DUMMY" so if someone in 1993 typed "UPJET DUMMMMMMY" it wont find it

i wrote this instead of 239482 flames. trying to be productive...

what's depressing me the most is that i'm sure 80% of the people who need to learn this shit wont ever see this or wont read down this far... (edited)


Re: SEARCHING 101 + using google

And "UPJET DUMMY" -bing will return results for the phrase "upjet dummy" excluding results that also contain the word bing. Neat

Re: SEARCHING 101 + using google

Emil Kniemel /

is that the same as typing upjet dummy into the lower search bar on the bottom right?

Re: SEARCHING 101 + using google

And I usually include:


(must include the minus)

That gets rid of the user post bs and just shows the actual threads.

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