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should say, kitty had a smoking habit

Hey there, ive got 4 kittens that are adorable and need a home, i have 2 tiger looking kittens, i believe 1 is a girl and the other a boy. I also have a all black girl kitten with a white patch on the stomach. And last but not least the most adorable black and white pawed kitten i believe is a boy but has a super cute face. anyways, please call if interested. prices will be given when called

(952)-564-5911-kristy or try (952)-564-4201-amy, and ask for kristy or amy. Available anytime to come and take a gander at the little kittys were right in east bloomington by 35w if ur from out of town.

we live right in bloomington, and the kittens are potty trained, and have been eating kitten food for about 4 weeks now there about 10-12 weeks i think and really want a good home.


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I wish they were new ports

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"I think hes a boy, but has a really cute face."


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maze you're such a fucking noob. Get a life and quite posting this shit up.

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lol ^ its opposite day silly!!!!!

Let me translate

Maze your such an awesome pro. You have a great life and keep posting this wonderful stuff up!

someone was saying thats a fake account ^ so dont mind him maize

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Hepatitis J [OFMC] /

obviously a fake account. joe got kicked out of beverly hills years ago.

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Jimbo Grand Daddy /

Not to mention over half of the strip clubs in PDX.

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Yup fake ass noob pretending to be me. I'm honored that others wanna be a LAZERSWAG FAG but there can only be four and you're late.


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Jimbo I only get kicked out of the shitty ones.

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