Quiet pipe for foxi/sparta sachs 504/1a

I was riding my moped around yesterday when my cop neighbor stopped me to check it out. He rode it around for a bit, but warned me about the noise. I live in a quiet suburb filled with a lot of old retired people, and middle aged couples, and some of them like the peace and quiet. I don't really mind the noise, but I'd like to avoid conflict with my neighbors.

Right now, I'm running a dellorto 14.12 with a stock exhaust. I was told that a different air filter can reduce noise, but I also want to get a new pipe that can boost performance without too much noise gain. I'm new to mopeds, so I'm wondering if anybody has any advice on a pipe for my Foxi/Sparta. I can do some welding too if I have to.

Re: Quiet pipe for foxi/sparta sachs 504/1a

Andrew Browning /

Dude thats intake noise. Cannot be solved by exhaust.

You need to either get a decent air filter silencer or just ride legal and tell em all to go away.

Any pipe you put on it is just gonna make it louder on the intake and exhuast.

And, because its a sachs 504 its still gonna be kinda pokey on the bottom end and if your lucky do 33. Which is fine. But whats the point of pissing everyone off in your neighborhood over 3 mph?

I dont know where you live or what your cop neighbors do or say, but I have a cop neighbor and he keeps his nose out of my buisness and I keep mine out of his.

Anyway if your running a del 14:12 and it sounds like its a pissed off vacuum clenaner, either deal with it or put the regular carb and airbobox back on, but your problem aint your pipe dude.

Re: Quiet pipe for foxi/sparta sachs 504/1a

Andrew Browning /

I would just ride legal, and push it a little down the street so your immediate neighbors dont have to listen to you. If your legal, thats all the consideration anyone has to expect.

Re: Quiet pipe for foxi/sparta sachs 504/1a

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

put a garelli airbox on the 14.12 to shut it up

the Sachs pipe if it is the fat version is a pretty decent performer as stock pipes go. If you pull the baffle and carefully drill offset holes in it so that there is never a straight shot through it for the noise, but reduced back pressure, you will see some speed improvement.

I have my Sparta doing 37 on the flat. 40 with some incline. This is with zero performance parts. I put a D cylinder and intake on it and de-restriced the fat pipe and drilled out the carb one mm. Contrary to popular lore, the 504 is capable of respectable speed with only minor mods

Re: Quiet pipe for foxi/sparta sachs 504/1a

I know a new pipe will just make it louder, but if it doesn't really do much to boost speed then I'll probably just leave the stock pipe on. I'll check out some air filters. My friend said that it idles much quieter than a few mopeds that he's seen so I guess that's a plus.

My cop neighbor wasn't being nosy. His son and I were friends back in high school and he just came out to check out my moped and give me a heads up. I haven't gotten any complaints yet about my moped, but maybe he thinks I'll be riding it around at night (which I won't be because I can't see much with the headlights).

Re: Quiet pipe for foxi/sparta sachs 504/1a

Probably Fred /

That bike is so quiet compared to a Harley.

It's like where I live The neighbors hate when I make jetting runs through the hood but say nothing to the several Harley Davidson biker neighbors I got .

Their bikes shake the pictures off my walls and if sleeping will wake you up whenever ungodly time they come home.

Running a Estroil that's kinda quiet a construction cop watchman told me last year did I have a baffle in my exhaust cause it's loud I said yes and this bike is quiet. A Harley is much louder. A working dump truck came on to the road so loud it hurt my ears. The temporary traffic light changed and I pointed to my ears and to the truck and made a face and rode away as the cop was still sitting in his car talking to me .

Mopeds even with a Proma circuit pipe are quiet compared a Harley so cops need to relax

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