Gasket Collection (DIY)

I'm sure we're not the first one's to do this...but here is the beginning of our collection. If people want to email me scanned pages of their own gaskets we'll happily post them up so everyone can enjoy!

Re: Gasket Collection (DIY)

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

MO-1, MO-2 case and clutch cover gasket


Re: Gasket Collection (DIY)

top for more gaskets.

Re: Gasket Collection (DIY)

Christian Giron /

I have some tomos a35 case gaskets at home. can probably upload this weeend!

Re: Gasket Collection (DIY)

I'll try to get the k-star, Athena/77 reed and airsal/77 piston port base gaskets I have scanned in and sent over as soon as possible. This is a great idea though.

Re: Gasket Collection (DIY)

Salsa Salsa /

Arrrr there be some in the wiki

Re: Gasket Collection (DIY)

Christian Giron /



K Star 70cc Gasket Set

Puch Polini gaskets

Puch Polini base, and exhaust gaskets

Assorted Puch gaskets

50cc Metrakit base and intake gaskets

Tomos and Polini reed valve gasket

Base for A35 cylinder on E50 bottom end


Honda Camino gaskets


Polini kit for a Garelli


Kreidler transmission gasket

Re: Gasket Collection (DIY)


Re: Gasket Collection (DIY)

i aint gut a scanner or id sent ya some

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