Re: Electric power moped...would you drive one?

Daniel Skorupka /

I ride an electric moped as my only form of motorized transportation.

I love it.

It is a steel mountain bicycle frame that has a 48 volt, 21 ah battery bank, a bmc geared brushless pm hub motor, and a 35 amp infineon controller.

Range has not been measured but it will happily get me from concord/billerica/bedford to Lowell and back on a single charge.

a friend of mine has a very similar size battery, and a motor almost twice the wattage of mine and he very easily gets 40+ miles per charge with an average speed of 25 mph and a top in the 30s

My personal top speed has yet to be measured but in a previous configuration with a 36 volt setup my electrical engineering prof visually guestimated me at 30 mph

the 48 volt pack gave an obvious improvement in acceleration and speed.

Handling actually improved greatly with the added weight of the battery bank and motor.

It loves to lean in tight turns and responds wonderfully but with a slight delay to conscious countersteering, in this respect it is more like a motorcycle than most other stuff I have ridden.


bike frame: $10 from a yard sale with the brand name scratched off, probably with a rock or something of similar finesse.

motor kit: $300 for the hub motor prelaced into an extruded double wall rim, a full twist throttle, and a sh**y controller

$180 for a 35 amp controller and wiring harness for 48 volt battery

$230 for the battery

$120 for a truly universal charger (Mastech industrial scr multichemistry, choose from 6, 12, 24, 36, or 48 volts and 1, 2, 5, or 10 amp charge rate)

Tax, fees, regstration: apart from sales tax on the components $0.00; F**k the law

Re: Electric power moped...would you drive one?

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

Sounds like a nice sparky setup.

But, as far as the "visually guesstimated" speed from a Massoftwoshits professor?

Naw, we all now know about professors' accuracy with the truth.

Re: Electric power moped...would you drive one?

daniel that was a nice set up if it was you i seen in concord if it was you a little more and you could of caught up to me on my yamaha scooter

my friend has a really nice set up on his e bike its only 450watts but runs through all 21 speeds and its faster then a kitted puch and gets like 50 miles without pedaling

Re: Electric power moped...would you drive one?

im down

Re: Electric power moped...would you drive one?

Daniel Skorupka /

I only took that bike to concord once.

Was it a blue and pinkish purple mountain bike with a large silver colored hub and a giant unpainted homemade wooden battery box.

I was (am) a very tall, moderately slim white man wearing a giant blue and black backpack with so many straps it looks like it should be some sort of fetish gear, and a large black, grey, and white full face helmet

If this was the case then that was me.

that battery bank was 57 lb without the housing and was only 36 volts.

the newer battery is somewhat lighter, 48 volts and is now housed in a white canvas housing attached to the frame with a bunch of flat straps.

It is noticeably faster now.

Re: Electric power moped...would you drive one?

yeah that was you i saw

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