Morini M1 with auto Start

My folks went on a trip to Italy a month ago, so I hit up and found this engine. My father was staying one town over in the Emilia - Romagna part of Northen Italy. The guy he bought it from wasnt a chatty cathy no no good stories from the guy (I told my father to tell the guy that it was for his son's bike and that there are moped armies across the US).

The engine went for 99 eu. which was good since this in NOS. I found other engines cheaper, but they were old crusties.

Luckily I searched MA and found out that you cant take an engine on a plane, so this engine came home via post, another 99 eu.

I'm hoping mopagen or any other Morini guys reads this so I can get a heads up on the engine. It looks like a regular M1 with an electric start added to it. What'd be great is to find out if this is a post 85' Morini engine so I can see if it will take the BRN kit.

Also the Pedal part has been blocked off, but there is still a clutch arm on the side and it engages when I push it (Back up bump start if your battery dies??)

N-E way this engine looks cool, I hope to put it on a Negrini I've been waiting on for 1 1/2 years to get going.

Morini M1.jpg

Re: Morini M1 with auto Start

Having just bought an old Italian moped with a Franco Morini, I'd say this is a cool find!

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Re: Morini M1 with auto Start

My buddy just bought an m1 today that has an electric start and a kick starter.

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NOS? Just came in my pants :)

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i once had a NOS morini mo1 .....sold it in december 2010 DUMB. Yuri rmembers,,,,,he wanted to buy it from me ...if im not mistaken i sold you a used one yuri?

Wow i would love this engine or one liek this...and where did your buddy find the kick star m1 andy????? i almsot got one from handy bikes back in the day.

Nice find yuir

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