Garelli wiring problem

I just got a garelli super sport I have everything running great. But I can not get the headlight to work. I have check the bulb and it works. One thing I have noticed is when I turn the switch on it makes my brake lights turn on. Let me know what you think the problem could be! I don't really wanna rewire the whole thing if it is an easy fix.

Re: Garelli wiring problem

Here is a wiring diagram:

Check your wiring. (edited)

Re: Garelli wiring problem

I checked out the diagram and everything looks good. Could the switch be causing the problem?

Re: Garelli wiring problem

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot /

There should be no way the switch would activate the brake light, the tail light ,yes. The contacts on those switches get corroded. if you take the switch apart and sand the contact area until it shines it might solve your problem. It did for me.

Re: Garelli wiring problem

Are you sure it's the brake light and not the taillight that is coming on when you flip the switch?

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