1977 Lazer sport 50! V1

So I'm new to this ped, but I have no idea what is available for it, all I know is there was a knockoff general version, and then the one made in Italy, or maybe they're the same damn thing. I'm confused, mine has a minarelli motor, but a made in china frame...so?

Parts, kits, what have ya. What would you do to her? And what's she worth if I decide to sell her? Have a tomos bullet now, but I dig the top tank look.

Can post a pic tomorrow or next day, shes in a buddies garage ATM.

Re: 1977 Lazer sport 50! V1

Not Chinese.

Kits & pipes at Treatland.tv search V1

Re: 1977 Lazer sport 50! V1

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

yes some frames are made in Taiwan by Jui Li

the chrome plating is not good, but the rest is ok

Re: 1977 Lazer sport 50! V1

Tiawan made frames for sure. My chrome is awesome except for the forks and bars. The fenders still shine like new.

You can kit the fuck out of it because its a v1. All the way up to 90cc kits, full circle cranks, tons of clutch options, you can use almost any pipe with a little work like puch or tomos and maybe some pug pipes or whatever if you can do simple welds. Swap gearing, use a CDI ignition, etc.

With no pics I would say its worth $100 running or not if everything is still on the bike. Missing parts drops that price. I just got one with 1000 original miles that is complete with very little rust on the forks and bars for $250 not running. The paint is perfect still and it has a small dent in the front of the tank from being dropped on its side. A condenser and a petcock will have my $250 lazer running.

Re: 1977 Lazer sport 50! V1

Darrell Gabbard /

The US has not recognized Taiwan as its own country yet therefore its still China, just like Hong Kong, and Tibet

Re: 1977 Lazer sport 50! V1

Darrell Gabbard /

the only Generals that were made in Italy are the 5 star TE everything else was Taiwan.

Re: 1977 Lazer sport 50! V1

Jeremy Lobos /

Sounds like a not so bad top tank to have, I will have to post pics and such, at a buddies for now, but good to have so many options. Got it for a screaming deal, but have other projects goin on so just gonna get he running stock for now.

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