Magnum Swing Arm

I know it's been discussed about putting a magnum swing arm on a maxi. I know that it allows you to run a wider rear tire.

How much longer/wider is it? If I don't care about running a wide tire, is it just cosmetic?

Does anyone have a photo of a maxi swing arm next to a magnum swing arm for comparison?

Re: Magnum Swing Arm

I did a 2.75" Gazelle on a snowflake.

Re: Magnum Swing Arm

Overpriced Parts /

You got to cut down your maxi rear fender if you use a magnum Swingarm

Re: Magnum Swing Arm

that's good to know. can anyone measure how long their magnum swing arm is? and how wide it is at the axel mount?

much appreciated

Re: Magnum Swing Arm

The length is roughly 13 1/2 inches from the center of the mounting tube to the inside of the dropout. The length is 15 3/8 inches from the center of the mounting tube to the very end of the dropout. The width between the dropouts is roughly 5 1/2 inches.

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thank you very much. That helps a lot.

in your opinion, if you are NOT going to run a wider tire, is it worth tracking down a magnum swing arm if I already have a maxi one?

Re: Magnum Swing Arm

just get a robot swing arm they look cool are all shiny and only 50 bucks wider tires cooler looks in somes opinions and no fender mods:]

Re: Magnum Swing Arm

Robot swing arms are trash, I love my mag swingarm

Re: Magnum Swing Arm

campeona del mundo /

maxi swingarms are pretty sexy in comparison to the magnum swingarm.

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Will Janssen /

i love magnum swing arms on a maxi

look here my wifes moped

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My frame is actually a free spirit frame, but it came with a maxi swing arm. I think the magnum arm is better suited for what I'm doing.

I know have a WTB tread in the Buy/Sell forum incase any of you guys are holding.

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