The weather is too good!

It's not gonna last but for a few more hours though.Rain and cold movin' in fast.I am sitting here wondering whether to go on a nite-flite tonight!Darn dayshifts anyhow! Now next Sat.night they change the time and we have more daylight hours in the eve....that'll be great!But I'm itchin' right now to take a short 40 miler or so tonight.I can't get home `til 7:30 pm.BUMMER!Pondering,pondering.....................................

Re: The weather is too good!

I forgot to mention it's been 70 degrees here since about 3pm.See how that can torture a guy? (:^)

Re: The weather is too good!

Wow... big difference from what we've got up here... this has been a crappy cold wet snowy last couple of weeks...

We had the warmest winter in recorded history... so far followed by one of the coldest springs ever.


Re: The weather is too good!

Quack! Does a thumbs up then slowly places my thumb onto the tip of my nose.. then raises the other four finger and continues by wiggling them and saying


63 miles,Fred!!

Hey,I know what yer sayin',Fred.Too bad you live up that way.Big difference just goin' from South Ohio to Mid-Ohio,let alone up in Flint?,MI.Fred,I took that trip last night and went North and west and the air was so warm I couldn't believe it.It was still 70 degrees when I took off,seemed like.I ended up traveling 63 miles and really enjoyed it.Good way to let off a little steam,you know?Linda thinks I'm crazy,I'm sure.Saw a bunch of deer and decided I better slow down to 20-25mph.They are road-pollution down here!I wish they'd up the limit for hunters to allow them to take about 10 a year each.LOL!!

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