Yamaha Towny Throttle cable

I have a Yamaha Towny 2 speed that runs great. Only thing is the main throttle cable broke. Now what?

I tried sourcing the part, but I can't find a reliable place.

Can anyone help me find the cable I need?

Re: Yamaha Towny Throttle cable

you can pretty easily make/modify throttle cables to work. don't know how the towny cable attaches exactly but you can figure it out i'm sure. For most throttle cables it's a barrel on the throttle end and a nub for the carb slide. one easy way is to use a throttle cable small knarp (http://www.treatland.tv/moped-mini-knarp-cable-stop-p/moped-knarp-mini-cable-stop.htm) and a bike derailleur cable, just grind/file the derailleur nub down to fit the carb slide, cut the cable to length and screw the knarp on and install as per usual.

can also solder if you wanna be pro.



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