New Leopard Seat

So I got my first moped, a Puch. This weekend I just had to pimp it out a little. Found some 2-3 ml leopard print vinyl, tore up the perfectly good Puch seat to make a pattern, and made this for the seat.

I suppose if you think you're cool, you're cool...


Re: New Leopard Seat

Here's a full shot with the new seat on. Now I just need my helmet to arrive.



Re: New Leopard Seat

You ain't pimp unless you have white walls.

Re: New Leopard Seat

Gromosaurus Rex - Brad Pitt /

Clean work. A+

Re: New Leopard Seat


Love it!

Sell me one.

Re: New Leopard Seat

white walls like chip said!

Re: New Leopard Seat

I got the fender hack pics you guys texted me earlier but i was working. Looks better!

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