****urban Express Speedometer upgrade****

jeff cartwright /


here is the item for a replacement speedo...a perfect fit using all hardware everything...same size etc... just now u will know a more exact speed cruzin down the strip lookin for ladies!!! ha ha ha...


i have a couple hundred miles on mine already...its nice knowing what your cruzin at rather than ink marks on you guage yea!!!

routabit, i was thinkin how u caused all my urban madness about a year ago,, u need this on your speedster... and i need to hook up with u sometime to shoot the bull.....

i decided to name my lil nyfo tonight after working on it!!! its official called the "urban cowboy" anyone remember that???

anyways, boys have a grat 4th of july- rock hard and ride free (jp) be safe

happy "Independance Day" thank GOD for our FREEDOM.....

Re: ****urban Express Speedometer upgrade****

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Re: ****urban Express Speedometer upgrade****

Re: ****urban Express Speedometer upgrade****

jeff cartwright /

downhill harvey Hey man u got me!!!!lmfao dude...nice pic..how did u find me????

Re: ****urban Express Speedometer upgrade****

i have to pee.

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