cosmo blazer 2 help

i have this moped which has been sitting around for years bc its needed a rear rim and i havent really been motivated to look for one. it was a spoked rim and the tire that was on it was a 2 1/2 by 16. the original rim was damaged and im looking for a new/used one that would work. does anyone know where i could possibly find something like that? i took the original rim to a bike shop to see if they could respoke it but i guess thats a lost art nowadays. i know the original rim had the rear drive sprocket on the left side of the bike if you were sitting on it. any help would be appreciated.

Re: cosmo blazer 2 help

Wolf Wizard /

Almost an 16 inch rim will work. go on or and look for some.

Re: cosmo blazer 2 help

thanks ill try that out

Re: cosmo blazer 2 help

single sprocket Italian 16" as found on most Pacers also Moto Guzzi Robin and Benelli ask on the buy/sell you should be able to get one cheapo

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