newbie questions, &c.

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hello all

i got to ride a velosolex at a car show the other weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it. would anyone recommend a solex as a decent first moped (ease of repair, parts availability, et al? i'm not interested in speed so much -- my commute is less than five miles)

thank you in advance for your aid

Re: newbie questions, &c.

a puch would be the easiest for repairs and parts.

Re: newbie questions, &c.

Delaware is really flat right? if so i dont see why not. Solex's only go like 18mph though; no performance parts available. looks like they are still in production ( sells them, might be clones) and 1977mopeds, Treatland, and Stevesmoped sell parts.

if not a solex, i would do Puch, Tomos, Motobecane, Or any other brand where there's plenty of documentation and parts available online. Whatever you buy; keep it stock at first. I would suggest holding off on "performance upgrades" until you can keep it running perfecto for a long time. the 2-stroke learning curve is very steep at first, lots of reading required.

Re: newbie questions, &c.

From my own personal experience I can say you will probably get bored with the solex after about a day or two. Anything that only goes as fast as you can already pedal gets old real fast. Also they are French, and that means they are engineering nightmares. Yes, they work. They work well, but there are a hundred better ways to do the same thing. You will also be buying lots of front tires.

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