Nc50 crank case

I need a left crankcase cover for a 1980 Honda nc50 but I'm having a hard Tim finding one, but I found one from a 1978 would it fit?



Re: Nc50 crank case

Yes its the much they want for it?I have one from an 81 that is also the same that I may part with.

Re: Nc50 crank case

If your talking Left as in when you sit on the bike, the 81 will NOT fit. But if he means the chrome stator cover then yes it will fit.

Re: Nc50 crank case

Because of being kick start instead of the wind up?I thought it was the same but I got it all apart in a box and have been working on the 2 older ones I have that are the same.If you need the stator cover I have one that will fit.

Re: Nc50 crank case

I have a few covers and a few complete motors too if you need one, PM or email me

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