Mo ped Rental?

Me and some friends are thinking of a trip later this summer and want to do it on some sort of mo ped (probably a somewhat powerful one). We have ran into some problems as far as rentals go. I live in Pittsburgh but could travel a little bit to find something. If you know of anything i'd love to hear about it.

Re: Mo ped Rental?

Just look in the buy/sell and buy a running one.

Re: Mo ped Rental?

Andrew Squiggman /

Its a moped

Re: Mo ped Rental?

It auto corrected to mo ped but thanks for the insight. We don't really wanna spend 1000 dollars on something we will ride for 2 weeks and then forget about....thought rental might be an option.

Re: Mo ped Rental?

Moped brand new -$1100 for a Tomos , $350-$650 for a stock vintage one max speed 30mph .if you are looking to rent a scooter you have to put a deposit down plus a day rate and purchase insurance . Do you have a moto license ? Also if you are trying to rent a moped that has upgrades that has money poured into it, there might have to be a substantial amount of collateral for something that is worth the same value .

Re: Mo ped Rental?

I think scooter rentals in places that have them (like the beach) go for like $40-50 a day so lets say it'll run between $560 and $700 for 14 days of rental. I don't know what it costs for registration and insurance in PA but you could probably buy a decent moped for $500ish. Something like a tomos sprint would be ideal. Then you can sell it when you're done, (if your not addicted).

Re: Mo ped Rental?

Hai guyz I can rent yur mopad?

Iz knowz no things abot mopads and I dont kare abot thum here are some rulez if yu r going to rant me yur mopad

rulez ; Must go fast

must be worth $600

must be disposable

if you dont give a fuck then dont ask. (edited)

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