Do mopeds sell well on Ebay?

I am a big fan of selling things on eBay/Craigslist. Some things I ALWAYS sell on craigslist, others ALWAYS on eBay (because I'll get more on there).

My question to you guys is, in your experience, do mopeds sell well on eBay? I'm talking a fully working, kitted moped with goodies. I feel like I'd get more outta someone on craigslist, but who knows... eBay could open up the possibilities of reaching more people.


Re: Do mopeds sell well on Ebay?

Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /

Craigs for mopeds

Re: Do mopeds sell well on Ebay?

Projects and minty peds do alright on ebay as do rare peds. Run of the mill, kitted peds usually dont fetch reserve prices or what you were expecting if you set no reserve.

Re: Do mopeds sell well on Ebay?

I got a tomos LX on ebay for $150

Re: Do mopeds sell well on Ebay?

Rollo Tomassi /

If you feel confident in dealing with shipping issues, at least in Houston, I think you get more $$$ on ebay. I think it matters if there is a strong local market in your city. Even though Houston is a large city, there is not much of a local moped "scene" that would support high prices. I don't think you get much of a premium for goodies. You get a premium for everything works, gotta title, and good pictures and write-up.

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