The New Era

Buzzards & DAM Riders

Get your Radio Flyer loaded and meet us at the blazin dam.

And bring swimming trunks.

Re: The New Era


Re: The New Era

Serious giggles. Seriously.

Re: The New Era

Caps meeting. Via textera.


Re: The New Era

DAM Kevin Boyd /

i don't really understand what's going on..but i like giggling and mopeds. so i'm in.


Re: The New Era

The young whippersnappers are now proclaiming a new era?!? Give it a rest. I'm still solidly locked into the G Funk Era.

Once you get used to the idea that "the rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble", everything else seems a bit contrived.

Also. See Killer Mike. "Anywhere But Here"

That is all.


Re: The New Era

DAM Kevin Boyd /

killer mike?

killer mike.

Re: The New Era

Thompsons Mack /

R.A.P. Music is an instant classic

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