New Garelli Moped

Hi Everyone,

I just got this moped. My plan was to have a buddy get it running for me but just wanted to see your thoughts/advice first. It only has 12 miles on it. Was just curious if this would make it special to a true moped collector. Would I be better off handing it off to someone who really collects/loves mopeds to restore? I just like riding them for fun so I could probably just get another one to toy around with. Any replies are appreciated, thanks!


Re: New Garelli Moped

I would rock it as is. Add a pipe and 15-15 sha later if you need more speed

Re: New Garelli Moped

Andrew Browning /

I think your a smart guy who has a smart feeling in his gut about do i start cutting up a bike with 12 miles on it, or do i sell it to somoene who cares about such tom foolery ( I happen to...) and take the money and buy a puch and 500 dollar worth of performance parts....

Garelli's are fucking awesome. They have performance potential, and troublesome clutches.

That is a mint bike with 12 miles.

Its worth some bucks.

Dont fucking take the sawzall to that and make it into a a cafe racer because all the cool kids tell you to. Sell it to someone who appreciates its originality and make your own bike, or disconnect the speedo and ride it and have fun at 30.

Re: New Garelli Moped

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

It is special and rare to have one so fresh, but in reality, that particular model and trim isn't the sought after one. If it were an LTD or a Monza or a SSXL with 12 miles on it, the line would start forming. It is a very nice bike, but one of the more basic models.

Re: New Garelli Moped

its nothing special. just ride the shit out of it. Mine looked like yours too in the begining:



Re: New Garelli Moped

aw i was hoping someone bought one of them new chinese scooters that have the garelli name on it

they are even worse than a geely

Re: New Garelli Moped

Sweet bike. I would leave it the way it is, maybe add a pipe and ride a nice dependable bike for the next 50 years. Someone else had one just like that on here a while back that was perfect and butchered it up and painted it flat black, was a shame.

Re: New Garelli Moped

I would leave it completely as is. You have a real time machine here..... a practically new bike will (idealy) run decent for a consideable while before needing to do all kinds of repairs.....but maybe i'm wrong haha.

Re: New Garelli Moped

my flex came with a 500 mile speedo, broken.

bought a 700 mile working replacement, instant depreciation.

low mileage is bs, easily altered, condition is everything.

i'm working on 3 high mileage ones, 10k, 20k, and 23k miles

that's when you get to see real quality and unusual wear.

nice ped, btw.

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