One down...

NEMA Victor (3 Knees Down) /

I picked this up yesterday. It's going to replace my Streetmate and will most likely not see any track time (at least this season). It had 98 miles when I got it (I put on two more).

Yea, yea, I'll keep it stock for now. I'll be rebuilding it with new parts and save the stock stuff in the basement.

So one down, a few more "rare" ones to go.

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Re: One down...


Great find Vic!!


Re: One down...

keep the streeet mate!

them frenchy bike.. keep the stock french stuff on the bike. find a 103 to beat the shit out of not a dam tsm.

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spork Guarnierius /

Hey Vic, did you pick that up from Graig or is there now another TSM in Smallbany?

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NEMA Victor (3 Knees Down) /

@paul It was Graig's. Now it's mine.

@mopagen The streetmate is now my girlfriend's :) As for frenchy bike, I have an MBK race bike for that. The TSM will become a reliable liquid cooled bike for dailies. BTW, I run my bikes in, but never beat them up.

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french bikes can lick my balls. they are built like crap and need to be re-built every 1,000 miles. I've owned a few of them and never again will I go down the road with such a piece of shit.

I admit the TSM looks okay but it will never hold a candle to a properly set up magnum.

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damn, in that condition, it looks like it could go in a museum.

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Noob ass fake profile pretending to be me. I don't like magnums or tsms.

French bikes are ok I'll have a poojoe one of these days.


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