How fast does your stock moped run?

Martin Lints /


How fast does your stock moped run on flats with calm wind and moderate (10-20 C) air temperature?

My '88 moped does about 50-55 km/h(about 30-35mph).

It is a top tank moped with manual 2 gear (3 with neutral) transmission.

BTW does switching off the lights give me a bit extra speed (the generator makes as much resistance as much there is need for power). I have run it always with lights-that's the law...

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

Matt Wilson /

My '77 puch maxi runs at 34-36 w/biturbo

'78 Peugot 103 runs at 25 no mods

'99 Zuma runs at 37 stock

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

Motomarina Sebrings,used condition, go about 32-35 mph stock,whether they have the Minarelli or Franco-Morini.BUT......with my 60cc kit on an MO2 engine I am easily running 40mph and can do 45mph!And that is loaded down,baby!(about 400 lbs. total veh.+ rider and supplies).YeeHaw!Your bike is not a moped here in most states,Mopedeer.It has manual gears.

Power & speed

The Mopedeer /

...And most your bikes are not mopeds here where I live :-)

The law says that the moped can run only 50 km/h ,may have two gears and be 50 cm3 or below. So i'm actually going faster than I should but that may be because I only weigh 45 kg :)

BTW I almost's not a moped if you start looking at it really carefully. It's a mokick. Not a big difference but still...

And the first gear replaces what you guys use as pedals when climbing a steep hill =D. First gear really has power. But the thing is that your variator transmission mopeds may be faster because no speed limit on mopeds and bigger "reach" of the variator than the "reach" of two gears.

Re: Power & speed

Where do you live ? I'm betting Canada, bruce

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

25 to 28, '83 QT 50, all stock

country where I live

Martin Lints /


I live in Estonia. Are there same laws in Canada?

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

My motobecane 50v (78') varies, up hill no more than 28 max (usually 20-25), on flat ground about 30-33 mph, and downhill i actually hit 50 mph, I really don't think that was good for the bike so I only did it twice, once because I was just playing and the second time was with my friend behind me (in his car) so I could prove the bike would go that fast.- most hills (downhill) I try to take about 35mph (what I beleive to be as the optimal speed via anything).

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

hit 38 mph on my 69 Honda PC50, 35 mph on my 82 Vespa Grande, feels like I'm going faster on my 83 Peugeot 103, but the speedo's broken so I can't tell.

Re: Power & speed

i think he said Canada because go back and forth between imperial measurements (American) and metric (the rest of the world) all the time.

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

I have a 1980 Sachs columbia commuter and it does 30 i think its kinda slow but its still loads of fun :)

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

man when my mopeds were stock i remember when 35pmh was cool. now with the crazy shit i have done and the money invested my 70cc free spirit cruises at 55mph magnum MK II goes about 48 , my motomarina sebring with 60cc kit goes about 45-50, and my casal will do about 45 with the muffler off. so in othere words performence mods are the way to go. my mopeds are still holding up strong after thousands of miles of travel with larger kits on them. but when the free spirit was stock with a one speed engine it could go 40 with a biturbo and 14mm bing carb. the targa i had would go 40-45 with biturbo sebring would do 35.

oh yeah the avanti super sport is a pretty fast bike stock it will go 45 with no mods.

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

Ahra Majniu /

My 1976 Jawa Babetta goes about 40 km/h I dunno how much that is in mph. Did u guys know that JAwwa Babettas inported to the west are different from the ones sent to the eastern block??? I have an eastern version, it has different lights, and looks a bit different.

Unfortunately where I live I cant get tuning parts for my moped, especcially not Jawa tuning parts. That sux. Do you have any ideas I could tune it?

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

Supersport...45mph STOCK? That's DOWNHILL with a TAILWIND...38mph on flat...

Now with the Polini Kit...Which I now have Ivan (Threw away the Avanti cylinder)...It cruises at 45mph on flat with 50 max on Flat (No wind)...55 to 60 is possible on slight downhill once it's wound up...

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

I have two QT50s, one with under 300 miles which will go 30 mph on the flats, faster than that with a slight tailwind; the other with over 800 miles, will only max at 26 mph on the flats. A bit of decarbonizing of the exhaust and some fuel system cleaner plus a spark plug check would probably fix that.


Re: Power & speed

I have an '89 Yamaha Rivia Razz and it tops out at 27 m.p.h. Is there anyway to speed it up?

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

i have a 1980 yamaha qt50 and it goes 30-34 mph. is it possible to put a bi-turbo on it? where can i get directknos for cleaning all the junk from the engine... its 20 years old and never been cleaned..

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

Dave Gregory /

my 77' sears free spirit does 35mph....but once i went 40 drafting a dump-truck (don't recomend it 2 anyone). my 75' velo solex 4600 only does about 25.....but hey...its front wheel drivin and was made in france(now its made in hungary)


Re: Tomos Targa LX

Alain (Montr /

I buy my NEW TOMOS TARGA LX 1999 in 2002 !!!

Here in Montr


Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

1982 Yamaha QT-50 (yamahopper)

27 even on level ground. Just out of the break in period-- under 400 miles on it.

seen 30-33 on good downhills, but never above 35,

My 2000 Tomos Targa would do 33 or so on level ground-- seems like a rocket compared to the sweet oldie I'm riding now.

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

I have an all stock 1977 Batavus HS-50 and it does 30mph on the flats and I weigh in at 200+lbs. I just got a derbi variant and I've heard they can go like a bat out of hell. Derbi Bob may have an actual speed.

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

I have a 1977 batavus VA and it does about 28-29mph on the flats. I've gotton it up to 37mph going down hill, and it takes steep hills at about 21mph.

Re: Vespa Grande and Solex 4600

Grande: 32-33 if you really push it.

Solex 4600: 22 according to my digital speedo. It will do 24 down hill and pedalling, but settles to around 21 or so normally.


Honda Elite 50S

david f martin /

Stock. Mods yet to come...

37 on flat ground, 42 downhill. Love the variator!


Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

my 95 Tomos A35 w/ no mods goes about 35 maybe alittle slower on flats and 40 plus (my speedometer only goes to 40) downhill. Uphill i go around 30-32

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

2000 Avanti Autopower, no mods, using amsoil 100-1 oil at the recommended mixture, 45 mph on level ground with no wind. small grades and light winds can make a big difference either way...Ken D

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

Tomos Revival, stock, I weigh 175 lbs

It goes 31mph on flat

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

Never had a stock moped...I like to mod them out as soon as I get them. :)

Re: How fast does your stock moped run?

72 Ciao= 27mph ON A GOOD DAY, bruce

Re: What type of moped is it?

It is always useful and thoughtful to include the year, make and model of the moped in question. Is it a MOPED?

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