just wanted to say i am very impressed the amount of info on this site's forums, wiki and links etc. Been a huge help being a newb, grom, gumby.. whatever u wanna call it. since i bought my maxi about 1 month ago i have tuned the clutch (new blue springs), cleaned everything very well(head etc) , replaced every single gasket and rebuilt the carb. It is a 2hp e50 with 15.15 dellorto SHA, black boss pipe. With the work ive done im running 40mph at absolute max speed, decent acceleration (upto 30mph in less than 1 block) still a little slow at take off and is weak as shit and STEEp hills.


Re: thanks.

Probably Fred /

Well lose those feeble blue springs and get thick ones like kickstart springs.

Much improved take off and better hill climbing

Re: thanks.

do you need a brace with those , with a stock weight 2 shoe ?

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