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here's the run down, I bought a 78 Honda Hobbit PA50II that needed lots of loving thinking i couldn't be too difficult..... well & I am in over my head at this point. If anyone in the area could meet up for a day & help me get this running I would very greatful & more than happy to repay you with all the pizza n beers your guts can handle. Here some things I know need attention:

1) I recently got a new wiring harness because the orignial was in horrible shape. I unhooked everything, took off the gas tank then realized I dont know a damn thing about electrics & am having trouble undertsanding the scematics I found. I really want it to be a basic as possible, no lights (except maybe the brake light), no horns, nothing that's not necessary. I've been told hard wiring it would make my life a lot easier, but again, I have no clue how the helll to do that.

2) the only other thing that I would like is just making sure I reattach everyth correctly & not backwards or inside out.

Again, that's all i think it needs done. I've cleaned out the carb really well, made sure the petcock was all cleaned out & flowing properly, it wasn't getting a consistant spark so I got a new spark plug & ignition coil. it seems to get great compression so I dont think it needs anything else. Please let me know if any of Y'all can help make me a little less retarded in the ways of the moped.


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