Baltimore! Stolen Moped Alert!

I just got a voicemail from a good friend, letting me know his ped was stolen sometime within the past week. I'm not 100% of the details yet, but he kept is locked up in the garage of the Copycat building, so I'm assuming that's where it got jacked from.

The bike is a late model silver Tomos Targa LX. He put some work into it, so it should be easily identifiable. Here's some deets:

-Bi-turbo Pipe

-Clubman Handelbars

-No side fairings

-No Rear Rack

-White BMX style platform pedals

-White rear passenger pegs

-Tail light and directionals have been modded. Turn signals are stock, but reconfigured facing down rather than out, making them snug along either side of the tail light.

-Black Mag wheels

-Front Hutchingson Vroom Tire

That's all I can come up with off the top of my head for details. I will be posting pics once he sends them to me. Seriously folks, be vigilant, and act like you give a shit. This kid is a working bike-courier and does not have the resources of funds available to replace this bike. Please keep an eye out if you live in Baltimore, and contact him, or me Immediately, if you see anyone on this.


1 323-388-7030



Thanks in advance!

Re: Baltimore! Stolen Moped Alert!

Perfekt Timing Angel /

Oof, bummer. Hope it gets recovered soon. Tell yer bro to hit up the neighbors and keep looking. The first 72 hours are vital.

Re: Baltimore! Stolen Moped Alert!

this bike.


Re: Baltimore! Stolen Moped Alert!

Baltards will keep their eyes out. what does this kid look like so I don't kick his ass by mistake if he gets it back.

Re: Baltimore! Stolen Moped Alert!

That really sucks man! But also make sure you keep an eye out on Craigslist. You would be surprised at how dumb some people are and how they will end up posting the bike they just stole in the "for sale" section. Hope he gets it back!

Re: Baltimore! Stolen Moped Alert!

Thanks dudes. Kevin is a short baby-faced Salvadoran, punk rock bike courier. Hope this narrows it down haha.

@ Chris, nice pic! where/when did you take this?

Re: Baltimore! Stolen Moped Alert!

Michael Dreamboat /

That moped looks awesome

Re: Baltimore! Stolen Moped Alert!

actually my Friend Pat took the pic a while back I just remembered he had a photo of it on his flickr and tracked it down.

Re: Baltimore! Stolen Moped Alert!

+1 on the craigslist thing. I actually saw a bike I sold to a neighbor on craigslist. I told the neighbor in passing, and he had given the bike to his son...called his son, sure enough it had been stolen. Too much time had passed and they didnt get it back, but those idiots will try. THats a distinctive 'ped., I will keep my eyes peeled! (In Baltimore myself)

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