Great New Moped Site!!

Sergi Grum /

I've just been to Omega Industries and I've seen what a good place they have for mopeds! Visit, there is onfo on all sorts of mopeds and any other bikes in general, but the best thing is you can compare your bike to any other. Besides, there is onfo on how to tune your moped. A must see site!!

RE: Great New Moped Site!!

Jon Lewis /

I just visited that site and I'd have to say it was horrable! If you decide to go there you are simply wasting electrons. All it is, is a listing of a couple mopeds and a whole bunch of stuff that would not in any way help some one looking for info on mopeds.

Try this one

Here is one that is pretty good .... .....its pretty good... like this one

RE: Great New Moped Site!!

I agree, it was horrible. It only had info on motorcycles and dirtbikes.

RE: Great New Moped Site!!

actually you guys have no clue what you are talking about, those bikes were mopeds cause they were 50cc so they are classifyed as that, not mopeds.

RE: Great New Moped Site!!

Actually you have no clue what you're talking about, if you looked at any of the pictures you would' ve realized that they were not typical mopeds, but more like dirtbikes and motorcycles. Look at the Rieju RR or the Rieju RS1 Castrol and tell me that they're mopeds. So I guess a 50cc dirtbike is a moped, right ? Even though it may be legally classified as a ped doesn't mean that it truly is. By the way, no offence Sergi. I appreciate you trying to help us out.

RE: Great New Moped Site!!

I'm sorry I've given this misleading site, but in Spain, where I live, a moped is anything under 50cc, so I thought it would be the same here. Anyway, I've looked at the others recommended and I see what you mean by a moped. No offence taken moby!!

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