i had set up a buy with a guy (jheadworth@hotmail.com) to buy a general 5 star, told him upfront i had other offers, come monday i told him flat out i would buy it for 500 and that i would pick it up this weekend.

he said alright and asked me where i wanted to pick it up.

last night, i still hadn't gotten an email back so i sent him one asking where and what time he wanted me. he sends me an email back saying he just sold it and "money talks"

aparently he had listed the ped after i made my offer for 450 (lower!)

anyone else see why im pissed?

Re: pissed

yeah I'd be pretty bummed...

Re: pissed

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Suck it up girly guy, and who pays $500 for a ped? Boo-hoo!!!!!!!

Re: pissed

Patrick Keaton /

You do not tell a seller when you are going to pick up. You ask them when can you pick up, and then agree to it, if it is reasonable. If you can make the time, and have the money, you go as soon as you can to get it.

Re: pissed

Well you posted it on here in another thread asking if it was a good bike so you basically told everyone on here it was available, where and how much. Did you honestly believe it would be around after doing that?

Re: pissed

Yeah someone snagged it under your nose. Never post links on here LoL.

Re: pissed

Downhill Harvey Wrote:


> Suck it up girly guy, and who pays $500 for a ped?

> Boo-hoo!!!!!!!

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