Puch Clutches

Ok, I do not own a Puch but I have a question regarding Puch clutches. How wide are the shoes on an e50 clutch? Or ZA50? And what is the diameter of the clutch drum/hub? Sounds like a dumb question, but believe me, it means something.... I think.

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Please? For science?

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Why don't you measure?

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za bells at 8.5cm and 9cm guessing the shoes are about 1.5-2 cm wide

e50 total guess but 10cm diameter and shoes are 1.5cm

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@Andy, If you actually read the first post, you would have realized that I do not own a Puch... So how would I measure something I dont have?

@Steven, thanks, just what I needed to know.

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are you trying to get in a tomos?

hubs are way thick.

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Not trying to get them IN a tomos, I was comparing sizes because Im working on a custom design and wanted to see if a 3-shoe similar to a Puch design was possible. I think it is, but I havent finished anything yet, still in design phase.

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