250 cc Vespa

Glenn Krueger /

My daughter-in-law owns a 250 cc Vespa. A rather rare model. The problem is that it is in Germany. Anyone have any experience in importing a bike and licensing the same. It is licensed and titled in Germany. Any idea on the cost of importing? It is running. Vespa folks would know the value. It is about 20 years old.

Folks on this site should be able to help even though it is not a moped.

Re: 250 cc Vespa

for vespas like that, maybe try here, modern vespa forums

seems less active then here, prob get the same answer as asking "what's my ped worth" here.

as for shipping, good luck, comes down to how much the scooter is worth (to you)

1990 vespa says sell, buy one here in the us, done.

Re: 250 cc Vespa

have a military friend have it shipped back to the USA

Re: 250 cc Vespa

You are mistaken. It can't be a 250cc model, as they didn't make a 250cc until 2003, and they certainly aren't rare.

If it's a 200cc model, it's either a Rally200 (not tremendously rare, but desirable) or a P200 (dime a dozen, nothing special, but a great scooter).

I'm not trying to be a stickler for details, but you need to be sure of what you're doing, because it would be a shame to waste all of the time and money to import a scooter that is readily available here in the US.

It costs about $1500 to import a scooter with shipping. A good running original P200 is worth $2200 in the US. If it's a European model Rally 200, then it's worth maybe $3000 in original condition. Assuming that it's complete, straight, rust-free and running.

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Glenn Krueger /

The Vespa is a 1982, P200E - has no battery. It is rarer in Germany than the US. It is worth $3500 in Germany. It is mint and all original. It does run.

The cost of shipping is to very high. I was surprised at the cost.

Thanks for the information, I appreciate your input. I knew you folks would have the answers.

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If thats the case, sell it in Germany, and buy a really nice Vespa domestically. I don't think p200's are rare though. They aren't as comman as a P125 (made for European licensing regulations) but the P series was the most commanly made Vespa, ever. They still make it, in some form or another.

And malossi is now manufacturing new p200 engine cases, pre-ported for their 210 kits, which also lowers the value a bit.

Good luck with the sale though, maybe your daughter can make some cash.

She might have better luck selling it in Italy, where manual shift vespas are scarce.

Re: 250 cc Vespa

Mike Hojnowski /

Yea, you'd probably be better off selling it in Germany. You'd never make back the shipping expenses. I own an '80 and a '79 p200e. I paid less than $2400 for each of them, in running state. The going rate for p200e's is between $2100-$2500, it seems.

Re: 250 cc Vespa

3500 USD or 3500 euro?

3500 euro is about $2822 USD

Re: 250 cc Vespa

Glenn Krueger /

I am told $3500 US. More in Euros. I will tell my daughter-in-law the information. She is German and the Vespa is hers. She seeems to be attached to it.

I saw the Vespa in 2003 when I was in Germany. It is mint. Low kilometers.

Thamks to all for the help.

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