Speedo sensor install advice/tips?

So I recently purchased a Vapor from Trai lTech and have found myself at a standstill. I don't have an exposed front rotor like on a motorcycle or dirtbike so I'm in need of some advice/tips on how to accurately set up the speedometer magnet and magnet sensor. I'm guessing I can epoxy the magnet on one of the spokes then replace my old speedo cable (it broke) with the sensor but don't know the best way to mount it. I doesn't seem like I can screw it into the brake caliper so there must be a way with a bracket or whatever to stay put. Additionally, I don't know if the two nuts on the threaded end of the sensor are critical since I can't seem to screw it in anywhere but either way I'd appreciate any help and posted both sides of my wheel in hopes in helps clarify my situation. Thanks for any help.


Re: Speedo sensor install advice/tips?

return that, and buy a cat-eye bicycle digi speed thing, and get a digi tac

attach bicycle digi speed thing via things provided adjust for the size of your rim place accordingly

attach tac onto spark plug.


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