Tonight's ride filled my head with dumb

DAM Kevin Boyd /

I left my house like normal to go over to my friend Taylor's house. On the way, i notice my bike is louder than normal and i look down and notice my exhaust baffle is coming i pull over, remove it, and lay it in the grass (planning to get it on my way home). Okay, no biggie, now my bike just sounds like a cool civic.

THEN i get to Taylor's house and go to show him my missing baffle..and i notice my fucking license plate is gone. Him and i drive up and down the route i took twice looking for it to no avail, it's gone. Don't know where, don't know how, but it's not in the shoulder of the roads or the near by grass or anything. We did grab my plate though while out. Okay, again, whatever..kind of bummed about it, but at least the bike is running.

I go to call the police to tell them my plate fell off, in case someone were to pick it up or something and use it. Aight. SO i call the Kettering police..because that's where it happened. They tell me i have to call the police department of centerville, where i live. I call centerville..they say i have to call kettering because that's where it happened. -___- I tell them i already called them and they told me to call c'ville. So then they tell me to call Washington Township..which is nowhere near where i was riding. I call them and they were asshole's about it, told me there is nothing to do, and to call kettering for more info. What the fuck.

I hope that makes sense, if it doesn't, ohshwell. That was my night. What's up?

Re: Tonight's ride filled my head with dumb

Patrick Keaton /

I would tell all those police departments, to conference call each other, on who is going to claim to be the responsible police department, since you talked to all the police departments, without being helped.

Re: Tonight's ride filled my head with dumb

Hope you find the plate! Perhaps tomorrow!

Re: Tonight's ride filled my head with dumb

DAM Kevin Boyd /

I got too frustrated and bothered to care enough to call the kettering police back..i'm not all too worried about it getting into wrong hands or anything.

and Rob, i think i'm just gonna call it quits and buy another one :\ i rode home tonight on the same route and looked for it, found nothing. :[[[[

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