Snow Runner!!!

I just picked up a 1981 Jawa X30 and this crazy contraption called a Snow runner made by Chrysler. Its like half moped half snowmobile. It has a ski on the front of it and a track on the back like a snowmobile. its BANANAS.

Does anyone know anything about Snow Runners? If you do please feel free to comment.


Re: Snow Runner!!!

Probably Fred /

Snow runners came in 3 different hp and speed . Cool ha ha get it

Re: Snow Runner!!!

Re: Snow Runner!!!

You're all set now...

Take the thick head gasket out and leave the thin..bumps HP, noticeably more...

Re: Snow Runner!!!

I have one. The gasket thing is good. Some different gearing/ clutch options and a "performance exhaust" (insanely expensive). Have most of the performance options but not the pipe. If you make expansion chambers that work on them, let me know........

Re: Snow Runner!!!

i got one too...........sno runner and jawa x30

engine is a West Bend 820.....vintage go-kart engine

8.20 cubic inches......134cc ...

about 8HP stock 22mph in the snow

hop ups..........thinner head gasket, bigger carb

expansion chamber....i have seen chambers

of other dimensions on this ped.......

partts very available on ebay

you*ll probably need a new rear track, petcock and carb kit

i did

Re: Snow Runner!!!

Brad Cat (LSLB) /

i need one of these!

Re: Snow Runner!!!

Nice score, one of the cool things about people who have mopeds is that they also have stuff like that in the garage. Enjoy! I would have wanted one of those back when, now I stay nice and warm INSIDE in the winter!

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