Avanti SS Questions

Michael Burke /

Hello All,

I am purchasing an Avanti SS moped and I just want to get some information about it... I am pretty sure they come with Garelli engines but that is about it. Does anyone have anymore information about these bikes that may be useful?

Re: Avanti SS Questions

Patrick Keaton /

The 2001, and maybe, the 2002, Avanti is known to have problems when it is warmed up.When there cold , they are known to run great.This is basically a clone of the Garelli VIP engine.Do not search for Avanti parts only. Search also for Garelli VIP.If you need a part, and can not make the part, or find the part, your last place to go would be http://www.themopedjunkyard.com Here is a link to the Avanti Owners Manual. http://www.mopedriders.org/article_view.php?faq=2&fldAuto=29 Here is a link to info on the 2002 Avanti. http://www.myronsmopeds.com/wp-content/gallery/encyclopedia/info-avanti-2002.jpg

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