Proud new owner of a 1977 Lazer Sport 50. Not my dream bike TSM but the Lazer was 2nd on that list so I'm fucking Stoked. What to do about the missing fuel cap key ?

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The Lazer sport is a cool bike. Plus if you ever get bored with it you can convert it to a TSA which is even cooler than a TSM. As for the key check this thread out.,2924636,3042284#msg-3042284 (edited)

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Patrick Keaton /

Call every locksmith in your yellowpages, and find out how much the charge to make a key for it. You might get a key made for as little as $10, if not, demand a little off of there price. If you do not get a price you like by doing that, contact 1977 mopeds or Deringer.

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TSA conversion ??? Well, well.

Thanks for the linky.

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