what language is this.. here is that 2002 jenchien

Here is a picture of a for sale jincehing knite moped. It looks liek the same exact model that I rented that is a 2002 model.

This website is in a wierd language but if you look at the page scroll down past hte police patrol moped.. lol

and the red snails and the red top tank.. the grey top tank I think is the KNITE... it look just like it.. ill post my other pictures soon as they are done scanning.

check it out though..!



Jin Chengs are made in China... the motors are basically copies of Hondas that have been around for 30 years (Z-50's).

Be careful though... most states do not classify a Jin Cheng Knight as a moped (because they are 4 speed and the rider shifts it).

They call it a motorcycle.

So your local cops could write you 5 tickets for riding it on the street without plates, insurance, blah blah blah.

And they LOOK like a motorcycle.

My state calls it a moped (MI)... but the Government just changed the rules last year.

Re: what language is this.. here is that 2002 jenc

here is a close up picture of the moped's engine and all.. still wiating ont he other pictures to upload.


Re: Chinese

HTey do look like a motorcycle.. they even ride and act like a motorcycle.. yeah I thought it was a 4speed but the guy renting swore it was only 3... i just ifgured I didn't know what i was tlaking about or how to drive a motorcycle and was miscounting gears or something

he also told me he could get it in the pedal version.. is htis complete shit.. he might have been tlaking it to get me to rent it.. but iw as going to anyways.. lol

I did get it up to 70 km and hour.. I think about what 45 or 50ish mph? heh.. i wasn't sure.. didn't have both on the speedometer

Spelled JinCheng Knight?

Those are really neat,Duck.I think those are 2200 dollars new or maybe more.That language looks Polish or Czech or something.Maybe someone can tell us.How big are they compared to your Peugeot?

Re: Spelled JinCheng Knight?

Don the knight was almost motorcycle size... it wieghs about 200 pounds Im sure.. my girlfreind had a hard time at stops holing it up. I managed to hit some sand on the beach while doing a turn around and spilled.. it was pretty heavy to tip back over. The top tank is every bit as big as a big bike's and there was plenty of rom for both of us to ride together. it was wide.. man my peugeot is maybe 6 inches wide across the tank i bet this thing was about a foot.

The only way I could tell from a distance that it wasn't a motorcycle was the huge exhuast pipe had a little moped size pipe that extended an inch past the other pipe.. if somone would have had a hacksaw and cut it even.. it would be very hard for anyone to tell the diffrence.. also the transmision is 4 speed and is big a bulky... but the engine is has about the same size head on it as my puegeot.. hehe

it was COOL

Re: Spelled JinCheng Knight?

NEATO,Duck!I'll be looking for them when I vacate to Florida this winter!

Re: what language is this.. here is that 2002 jenc

Dam cool!!! I want one now.

Re: what language is this.. here is that 2002 jenc

Here is a picture of it in yellow...damn cool :)


Re: what language is this.. here is that 2002 jenc

yeah the yelow looks pretty nice too.. I do like the blue better but either one looks cool.. for compaison to size it is about the same size as a Kawasaki BN125

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